Wire Tree Sculpture of Windswept Willow
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The wire tree sculpture pictured is approximately 8" in height with approximately 200 strands of non-tarnish gold enameled wire. This tree is both hand wrapped and twisted into a one of a kind creation. Hand wrapping takes longer but it creates the realistic effect of a tree's natural trunk.

Featured in "Great Handmade Finds from the 50 States"...

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In most cases, sculptures can be created prior to the scheduled ship date. Please let me know if you have a particular date you need this piece delivered.

The dimensions for this piece are approximately are approximately 6" (15cm), 8" (20cm) or 10" (25cm). The width is approximately the same as the height. This piece sits on dark flagstone with a high gloss finish. The result is a very detailed piece of wire art.

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